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9 Tips for Beginner Animation Studios

Beginner animation studios are also susceptible to change. One bad review, and the studio is apart! Moreover, you take clients after careful research to maintain a good image. And so, you never leave your comfort zone and fail to take on challenges. It isn’t a good start! So, what else should you do? 

What are successful small animation studios such as Glowza digital doing that makes them stand apart from the rest? Here are nine tips you ought to look at to set your standards in the animation industry:

1: Do Research

No beginner animation studio can hope to become successful without proper research. To excel in this field, you must be forward-thinking and unique in imagination. And without a proper survey and examination, your animation studio will remain stagnant.

Study your competitors and learn from their services and styles. Moreover, you can compare what they offer and what you can offer to the same client. Develop monthly progress reports and look at KPI metrics to assess your capabilities.

2: Draw Inspiration

Look around you and study nature. Our surroundings have much more to offer than reports and numbers. Moreover, you can watch movies that employ different animation skills and tools. Listen to animation podcasts or read some books. You can draw inspiration from various cultures, countries, and even languages!

It would help if you also examined big animation studios and their work. Understand their work principles and get inspiration!

3: Use Various Animation Tools

It would be best if you broadened your animation tools. Therefore, do not stick to just one animation software! Try different tools that can do the job much better. Stretch your animation to new areas where you accumulate skills that become part of your studio.

Therefore, animators must attend various courses and workshops to enhance their studio’s productivity. This way, you can be prepared for any challenge a client gives you.

4: Brainstorming

Let’s not forget the power brainstorming holds. When collective minds come together, something new is born. From entry-level animators to senior management, all must engage in table talks! Therefore, you must make brainstorming part of your planning process. 

It is a positive working culture where people engage in a healthy group discussion to undertake a certain task. Further, you are empowering your mid-level employees and enhancing their leadership skills. Often unique ideas emerge from the bottom!

5: Keep Practicing

Even if you reach new heights of success, let’s not forget one basic thing – practice! If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then practice is one thing that should be the norm in your workplace. Even if you are a top animator, your regular job is to improve.

An organization cannot hope to excel if they do not practice its skill sets. Therefore, indulge in different animation styles to attract clients worldwide.

6: Keep it Simple

Often beginner animation studios want to try it all! They think we can have clients flocking our studio if we do everything simultaneously. However, the result is stress, burnout, and failure to meet deadlines. What’s more, the result is poor visual quality and lack of depth.

It is time to change all of this. Use a skill to your advantage, even if you have two or three animation skills. You do not need knowledge of every niche animation style! With simplicity and few advanced skills, you can earn considerably.

7: Broaden Portfolio

It is better to have a website where you present your work. Also, check out the websites of various animation studios. Studios like Glowza Digital and Yum Yum Videos have broadly defined the range of work and what services they offer to businesses.

A portfolio must contain detailed services you will offer to your clients. In addition, it must showcase your abilities and define your art style. Your clients will judge your work based on your previous work and portfolios, so make a good impression!

8: Take on Challenges

Often, small animation studios do not take up projects that require learning new skills. They tend to feel comfortable and shy away from such tasks. As an emerging animation studio, you must be ready for any pressure and demands your client asks of you.

You must build a positive mindset and tell yourself and other animators that we can do this! Only those who come out of their shells will see the top.

9: Develop Soft Skills

Lastly, you should have some soft skills developed. It does not matter how high your IQ level is if your employees and fellow animators do not trust you! Therefore, a strong foundation for any animation company depends on soft skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership skills, cooperation, teamwork, etc.


Every successful animation studio of today started small. No one was born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Therefore, to see your animation studio at the top, you must follow our above tips to emerge victorious. And remember, stay creative and imaginative throughout your journey!

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