Are Decentraized Applications the Future of the Digital Financial System?

Evolving technology has proved that the world no longer needs a mediator. And no other app is better than the decentralized apps that enable the owners of digital financial institutions to make transactions more securely and quickly without the involvement of any mediator. Besides, these apps also raise the requirement for people in business to go through a company or authority.

The blockchain revolution is pacing up. Nowadays, most experts agree that the main development driver of a blockchain dApp development company, and decentralized applications has transformed the financial system from the conventional period to the digital world.

To clear up all your doubts regarding the capability of decentralized applications to transform the digital financial system, you have to read this article very attentively:- 

dApps: What Are They?

Decentralized applications are Blockchain-based applications powered by smart contracts. These apps act the same as digital financial institutions, namely-

  • Banks- commercial banks, central banks, retail banks, and internet banks.
  • Mutual funds
  • Insurers
  • Investment funds
  • Credit Unions
  • S&L- Savings and Investment Associations
  • Investment Banks & Companies
  • Brokerage Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mortgage Companies

This way, it’s the easiest task for a layman to find out all the differences between traditional financial institutions and modern dApps or financial systems. But in reality, dApps provide much more than traditional applications in terms of the set of characteristics. 

Decentralized applications are the representation of the newest ways of interacting with personal finance systems. When anybody thinks of the conventional financial system, money lending, borrowing, savings, and other similar entities come to mind. In traditional financial systems, a central authority is already appointed to control every activity concerned with this system. But the future of the financial system is decentralized. So, it can be proved the wisest decision for you to consider cryptocurrencies and Blockchain as the major representatives of the digital financial system.

A dApp is an application that runs on a P2P (peer-to-peer) network of computers or Blockchains. These can be used on your phone or computer. Like mobile apps, decentralized applications also have a wide range of functions and services. Top-notch dApps available in the market are- Brave, Golem, TRACEDonate, Circular, Aragon, KYC-Chain, and Prism.

dApps: Are They Around The Digital Financial Institution?

In the digital financial world, decentralized applications seem like a no-brainer. But, in actuality, these apps are very innovative in all industries. Let’s have a high-level glance at a few of the benefits of dApps in industries, namely- finance, gaming, social media, governance, advertising, and many more:-

Presently, borrowers & moneylenders are using dApps for their business. These applications allow the lenders to earn a certain amount of interest rates from the banks as per their savings. The more individuals save, the more the banks will lend. This way, both parties can earn more in the form of interest. Additionally, whether the banks act as a centralized entity provides individuals with a specified & efficient space to store their funds.

Do you want to earn 100% of your interest? If so, dApp is such an application that allows you to do so. On a dApp, there is no existence of a middleman to whom you have to pay. Furthermore, a few of the platforms of decentralized applications allow borrowers to take a long time to pay off their interest in a very minimum amount. This way, the borrower can simply discuss rates with the lender, which ensures a fair decision for every involved party.

Why Are dApps Better Than Conventional Digital Finance Apps?

1.)These Apps Are Decentralized:-

Where all the conventional apps run on a single or centralized network of computers, decentralized applications run on P2P, the decentralized network. In this network, not even a single entity has complete control over these apps. Decentralized applications are one of the leading apps in digital financial companies, known as the heavily invested industries. Furthermore, financial companies are exploring these decentralized applications to explore highly valuable blockchain technology.

The basic principle of all financial institutions is to combine shared data storage and cryptography. Apps based on blockchain technology offer multiple digital financial companies simultaneous access to updating digital ledgers constantly, which is quite hard to alter. It enables all individuals and business people to get familiar with a few of the latest or top dApps use cases that banks and all other financial institutions are working hard to develop.

2.)More Reliable Than The Traditional Apps:-

dApps offer financial systems the right to control and own the data as well as the assets. It means these apps are more trustworthy applications than regular apps, where the data of the leaders dealing with the digital financial systems is stored in a centralized manner.

3.) Faster As Compare To the Conventional Applications:-

Regular apps are comparatively slower than decentralized applications. According to the developers, at the moment, dApps can process more transactions per second than traditional applications. It can be a boon for banks and other financial institutions as well.

4.)More Secure Than Regular Apps:-

There is a difference in security between decentralized apps and traditional apps. Whatever records the businessmen of the digital financial systems store in dApps, it is not possible for other ones to be altered. But on the other hand, in the conventional financial system, you can see all the information in the case of a wallet, the traditional app.

5.) Less Cost Of Development Of dApps:-

Do the developers of the traditional financial system want to develop a regular app? They definitely have to pay server fees, maintenance costs, and other pricing elements. But in the case of dApps or digital financial systems, product owners already know themselves aware of the cost of development, deployment, and upgrading of the apps. So, decentralized applications are cheaper than regular ones.

6.)Provides The Financial System With More Secured & Transparent Data:-

dApps are hosted across costly decentralized networks, namely- public Blockchains. So, it’s quite hard to hide the data, which means digital financial systems have greater transparency than conventional financial systems. Any businessman needs not to worry about the loss of data. Once the businessmen add the information to the Blockchain, it’ll remain forever.

7.) Execute Transactions Faster Than The Regular Applications:-

Decentralized applications execute every global transaction concerned with the digital financial system very quickly because there is no existence of third party to approve any transaction. This way, approval of all the transactions relies on consensus algorithms. These apps and along with the digital financial system, eliminate the need for expensive third parties to execute transactions much faster than conventional applications or financial systems.

8.) More Cost-Efficient Applications:-

Centralized applications, namely- YouTube, are the costliest apps because these apps take a particular portion of what the owners of any specific business earn after posting the videos.

But on the contrary, all dApps allow businessmen of the modern financial system to transact their earnings directly through the use of cryptocurrency. Besides, dApps have no intermediaries to cut into profits, so these apps are more financially efficient apps for the digital financial system.

9.)dApps Deal With No Content Guidelines:-

Traditional apps, known as centralized applications, act as per the laws & regulations of the financial systems of their country. These apps also followed all the Terms & Conditions set by the concerned financial system before publishing a piece of content. 

While dApps don’t deal with the central authority, which can command the developers or users of the digital financial system to make the transactions or read them. Basically, businessmen need not face any kind of stress while executing the most advanced financial system.

Upon Consideration,

Decentralized applications have made exceptional progress in the last few years. Now, these apps are flourishing everywhere and creating a new peer-to-peer economy free from monopolistic companies and centralized power. Blockchain technology has changed, and it has brought several innovations around the globe, including industries for introducing new & exciting services or capabilities.

dApps are one of the well-recognized byproducts which provide the safest open-source software for every user & business as well. In Blockchain, decentralized applications are a revolutionary technology that will become one of the high-demanding solutions among enterprises.

Hopefully, this article has offered you a better understanding of dApps which will potentially become a self-sustaining resource.

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