Businesspally infer Smart tricks for free internet in Germany

When the data volume on the smartphone is used up, digital natives gasp. Free internet connection is better than any antihypertensive drug, how to find free WiFi – of course free of charge.

Anyone who constantly surfs, streams and broadcasts on the internet with their smartphone or connects their laptop to their mobile device in order to work from anywhere will eventually be left stranded, data wise. 

Telekom has been offering the first German mobile phone contract with unlimited data volume since March.

At 80 euros a month, it is quite steep, says Chaktty. For all those who would rather save and don’t shy away from a little effort, here are five tricks for surfing for free.

In the urban jungle

According to businesspally survey, Nowhere is it easier to get free internet in Germany than in a big city. Most metropolises have now set up hotspots.

 Of course also the biggest. In Berlin, for example, tourists and residents have been able to use the service since 2016.

 3.7 million people do this every month. Whether at the Brandenburg Gate, the television tower or at the Spandau Citadel. 

“Free WiFi Berlin” is also available in many town halls, citizen offices, museums, schools and libraries. 

A total of 656 hotspots across the city. But this is not only possible in Berlin, also in other cities, Chaktty reiterated.

In cafes and shops

In order to lure customers into cafes, restaurants and shops (and keep them there for a long time), many shops offer free WiFi. 

Stores like McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks were the first, and many restaurants and shops have since followed suit, according to Tech pally magazine.

The same goes for hotels, of course. Apps and websites help with the search. Such as or the “Work Hard Anywhere” app.

It lists potential jobs in dozens of countries. Users rate cafés and coworking spaces according to their suitability as a place to work – quality and prices are also in focus.

 In addition to the public hotspots, the website also lists many cafes where you can surf the web.

Or you can memorize the following companies that offer free WiFi: McDonalds (one hour free), Burger King (unlimited), Starbucks (two hours free), Coffee Fellows (unlimited, password on the receipt), Deutsche Bank (two hours) , dm drugstore (one hour), H&M (unlimited in some branches), Ikea (unlimited), Real (unlimited, almost all branches), Galeria Kaufhof (24 hours), Subway (one hour) or in the Apple Store ( unlimited). Of course this is just a selection.

In Travel

Most airports in Germany offer free WiFi, but often limited to one hour.

 However, the service is not a matter of course. But the travel blogger and computer scientist Anil Polat has put together a map that reveals the WiFi passwords for a number of airports and can also be accessed offline. 

Those who travel by train now also have free WiFi on the ICE, and surfing is free at over 100 train stations – at least for 30 minutes, as reported on businesspal.

 On the highway

Anyone who travels a lot across Germany by car knows this: dead spots. 

No network, no data, no calls. With a bit of luck, the mobile help will be there soon. Because not only the train offers free WiFi, but also the Flixbus. 

And the signal is so strong that cars in the immediate vicinity can also pick up the network. But beware, dear drivers. Only the passenger can do that.

In the diaspora

And of course there are still apps that track down free WiFi. For example “FreeZone” for Android. 

The app not only scans the hotspots in the area, but also measures the signal strength and indicates whether it is encrypted. 

“Techpally Wifi Finder” is available for Android and iOS. The function is similar to that of “FreeZone”. 

“WeFi Pro”, also for Android and iOS, operates its own free hotspots worldwide and displays them on the map.

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