How You Can Use Pages to Publish an eBook on Apple Books

So now that you have your writing done, it’s time to start formatting your masterpiece into something readable! Luckily, creating an eBook in Apple’s mobile reading app, iBook’s, is a pretty easy process.

You can create yourself as either an author or a publisher here so pick one of those and get started! As a publisher, you will need to purchase an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account first before being able to upload your books onto KDP. You can learn more about how to do this here.

Once you are logged into your KDP account, simply choose the + button next to Get Started and select Upload New Book for iOS from the drop down menu. Now, you will be asked if you want to pay through Amazon Payments or PayPal, both of which are great ways to do business online!

Select Amazon Payments and away you go! The rest will take care of itself 🙂

Choose a publishing company

Now that you have your eBook ready, it’s time to choose where to publish it! There are many great options out there for anyone looking to get their ghostwriter for hire quickly and easily.

Most good publishers offer both free and paid services, so do some research and see what they look like before committing to one. Some of the most common ones include:

You can also create your own self-hosted website or domain through Google Sites or WordPress if you prefer. Either option is totally fine!

We will go over some popular choices in more detail below, but first, let us talk about why choosing the right publisher is so important.

Why picking the right eBooks company is so crucial

As mentioned earlier, there are several different ways to publish an eBook, and not all companies provide the same level of quality control. As such, it is very important to know who your chosen publisher is before investing in their services.

Some things to consider include:

Does the company have a good reputation?

Are their reviews positive or negative? If lots of people complain, run away fast!

Can you tell whether these reviews are fake or from real users? (Make sure to check against third party sites as well)

How long has the company been around? Is this their second season or are they still going strong?

What kind of support does their customer base receive? Are they active on social media, and if so

Write the book

Writing is one of the most universal languages in the world, which makes sense considering that we’re talking about writing!

Writing is a pretty straightforward process that can be done at any time. Even if you don’t feel like writing, you can still publish your work by putting it into something else.

By publishing your work through Amazon Kindle or Google Play, for example, you are creating an opportunity for someone else to read it and form an opinion of what you have written.

That person could either be another writer looking to spread their own creative energy, or a reader who wants to learn more about yourself as an author.

Either way, giving away pieces of your work is a great way to hone your craft and grow your audience.

There are many ways to begin writing and there are several easy ways to get started with eBook creation. Some of the best start off with something simple like an anecdote or personal story.

Publish the book

Now that you have finished writing your eBook, it is time to publish it! You will now need to pick either Amazon or Google as your publishing platform.

You can choose between these two platforms due to their ease of use. Both allow you to create an account free which gives you access to some basic features. More advanced functions are paid.

Amazon allows you to upload your eBook directly using their website. This site also lets you list and promote your book, which is helpful in the future when people search for books online. It is also easy to add pictures and links into your description page, making your eBook more interactive.

Google offers another way to get started by creating an Android app with your eBook. Once this is done, you can then sync the app onto all computers and mobile devices connected to Google.

Connect your book with Apple Books

Now that you have written your eBook, it’s time to choose where to publish it! You can either create an account at Amazon Kindle or at another platform like Google Play or Kobo, or then link your eBook library through their software.

Alternatively, there are some third-party services that let you upload directly from most any computer device (phone, tablet, and laptop). These include Book buzz, Inkpad, and MobiPocket.

Book buzz is free for up to 20 MB of books and also has iOS and Android apps. You can connect all these devices via its web app which makes it easy to access from anywhere.

Inkpad is similar to Book buzz in that it is free for limited features and resources. But instead of uploading from other media types such as PDF, DOC, or TXT, you can take advantage of theirs by paying $9 per month or $99 one-time only.

Mob pocket doesn’t require a monthly subscription but they do ask for a one-time payment of $39 to get started. Both of those options allow you to sync across all your devices so you don’t need to use separate software to access each individual file.

Create an Apple Books account

Creating an apple books account is free, but you will need your email address! You can create an account using our link here: memoir ghostwriters.

Once you have that all set up, then you are ready to begin publishing your eBook! Let’s get into it!

Step 1: Choose a Template for Your Book

Apple has some of the best template options available when it comes to how your book looks. You have the option to either use one of their own or pick from another company’s.

In this article we will be going with the second choice. We will pick between Nutshell Text and Outline. Both of these templates look good, so choose which one you want to do yours like!

Nutshell text

This one works well if you just wanted to make your book very quick to publish because there isn’t too much content. This also works great if you plan to take the time to edit your content later since you don’t have to worry about formatting as much.


This one is similar to the unstill text version except you get more control over what you put in the body of the eBook. Some people prefer this style due to being able to add pictures and other media in the bodies of the pages.

Step 2: Pick a Publisher for Your Book

After you

Register your book

If you want to publish your eBook using Apple’s own platform, then you will first need to register yourself as an author with their service. This can be done here!

Once you have registered as an Amazon Kindle writer, you can easily export your existing word document or PDF file and upload it onto the app via their website or through their mobile apps.

You will also need to make sure that your e-mail is linked up with your account so that we can send you information about our best tips for publishing and marketing yours if you choose to follow this advice.

After all of that, you are ready to begin creating and editing your eBook in Apple’s own software! Let us look at some easy ways to do just that.

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