Shared Hosting Vs. Managed WordPress Hosting: Choose The Best Solution For Your Website

After you decide to set up a website, the one decision you will have to make is to determine which hosting solution is best suited for you. Web hosting is essential irrespective of the type of website you choose to create. However, choosing the right web hosting plan is essential.

If you are a beginner, then the ideal solution for you would be shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting.

The important question is, which one is better suited for you?

In this post, we will see the key differences between Shared and WordPress hosting and which one is the right solution for you.

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the popular hosting solutions, especially for new websites and blogs. If you are building a website then shared hosting can be a good option. Shared hosting means several users pooling the available resources. In simple terms, everything is shared equally among the users. It does offer few resources compared to managed hosting. However, as and when the engagement and resources increase, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

Advantages of shared hosting

The major advantage of shared hosting is its price. Shared hosting is economical. For a user, who is starting out, cost is a major factor. Several web hosts offer shared hosting solutions at pretty competitive prices.

Shared hosting is the most basic solution. It becomes easy to scale through the plans. As and when you outgrow the plans you can easily scale up or move to managed hosting solutions.

Typically, web hosts offer Plesk or cPanel as the choice of control panel. This makes it easy for a user with no-technical knowledge to manage the website. If you are a user with little or perhaps no technical expertise then this is a major advantage.

One of the major disadvantages of shared hosting is that all the resources are shared. You have limited access to bandwidth, storage, and other resources. Due to which, in worse case scenarios, your website might not be accessible.

Managed WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, Managed WordPress Hosting is just that, everything is taken care of for you. If you need your web host to handle the labor-intensive task of maintaining the hosting platform secure and up to date, managed WordPress hosting is a fantastic option.  Your hosting provider will manage everything related to your WordPress installation. Not just that, tasks like monitoring the account, ensuring that it is updated, and making backups will all be included in the hosting package.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

No shared resources. The resources provided by the web host will be for your website and solely for your website. You will not have to share the resources with any other user.  The server is particularly designed for WordPress so you can expect superior performance.

Everything is managed and handled for you. If you lack technical knowledge or perhaps you need to focus on core functions and need someone to handle the technical and hosting option, then this is the option to consider.

The disadvantage of this type of hosting is that, since everything is managed, your web host might install or upgrade to a version that might not be compatible with your online website. And compared to shared hosting, Managed WordPress hosting is more pricey.

Key Difference Between Shared Hosting And Managed WordPress Hosting

The main difference between the two types of hosting is the sharing of resources. WordPress hosting is a hosting solution that has been designed to meet the needs of a WordPress site. The resources are not shared in WordPress hosting. The security and performance requirements of websites created utilizing the platform are better met by WordPress hosting.

Additionally, you might gain access to specific functions including pre-installed websites, automated WordPress upgrades, and WordPress-specific support. The web provider you choose will determine the specifics of your plan.

How To Choose The Best Hosting Solution For Your Website?

It can be challenging to decide between Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting because both are good options. The choice can be a bit simpler though, if both are directly compared.

One of the most important factors that might influence one’s decision is the cost, particularly for someone who is just starting out. Between the two, shared hosting is the most affordable option.

It is hence, the ideal choice for people creating new blogs or websites.

On the other hand, Managed WordPress hosting can also be affordable or fall within the budget. A key advantage of WordPress hosting plans is that these solutions can be thoughtfully created just to meet the requirements of your website.

If you are willing to spend a little more, then you should look into Managed WordPress Hosting because you will benefit from a more effective and secure site that is managed by expert professionals.

This is particularly a viable option for newcomers and business owners who lack the ability or the time to individually look into performance or security issues. It is the perfect blend for affordability and optimized-performance.


To conclude, there isn’t a specific hosting solution for every website. What you need to do is evaluate the requirements of your website and choose a hosting solution accordingly.

Your hosting solution is one of the first things you will do after you decide to create a website. However, even if you are not satisfied with the two options, you can explore other hosting types as well and then choose a plan from a reputable web host.

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